Direct printing on any material - advantages and disadvantages?

Printing is a dynamically developing industry and widely used by marketing specialists as an effective tool in creating solutions related primarily to creating the image of companies in the minds of potential recipients.



Digital UV direct printing

Therefore, it is not surprising that technologies and machines are regularly appearing on the market, allowing for the production of advertising materials of better and better quality, with the simultaneous increased speed of orders, including large-format ones. UV digital direct printing is one of the many options on the market today and continues to enjoy unflagging popularity. This is mainly due to the fact that it can be used on surfaces made of various types of materials, and the obtained results are visually similar to those we get with the offset.

Advantages of digital UV direct printing

It is primarily a method that allows the implementation of low-cost orders while maintaining an optimal level of profitability. A great advantage is also the ability to work with a variety of materials - from wood, glass and paper, through fabrics, to dibond, plexiglass or PVC. The applied graphics are characterized by great colors, and thanks to the paint fixation by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, they become more resistant to the effects of many unfavorable factors. This technique can be successfully used in the production of large-format advertising materials, incl. banners.

Does UV digital direct printing have disadvantages?

Generally speaking, it is a technique that allows you to obtain very good quality, durable graphics (the durability level depends on the type and properties of the material from which the substrate is made), but it can only be used on flat surfaces. This means that we will have to use a different method to apply the pattern to cups or other three-dimensional objects. Also, the cost of machines used in digital direct printing technology is a certain inconvenience - their purchase is now quite an expense.


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