Dibond light boxes

Dibond coffers are advertisements in the form of a cassette, box, plafond illuminated from the inside with LED modules

Dibond is a composite, sandwich panel consisting of a plastic core and a double-sided cladding made of a thin layer of aluminum painted in many different colors. Dibond cassettes are distinguished by a compact casing without a visible frame, thanks to the Dibond sheet folding technique, quite thin coffers can be obtained from a few centimeters.

Advertising coffers made of a dibond, tubond and reabond composite board are characterized by durability, elegance and visual aesthetics. In this type of coffers, the graphics are milled in the front part and glued with acrylic glass of the appropriate color. Thanks to this solution, only the graphics of the box shine, which effectively attracts the attention of potential customers.

The possibility of using an appropriate acrylic glass of the black & white type additionally increases the possibilities of using the coffers, which have black graphics during the day and the inscriptions and logos glow in white at night.

The biggest advantages of dibond coffers, compared to their acrylic glass counterpart, are durability to weather conditions and very low weight. Thanks to stiffening bends, no metal structure inside and branded LED modules, the box can survive for many years without any maintenance and its installation is very simple.

The waterproof LED modules and power supplies with IP 67 protection class used by us make the box safe for people and the connection itself does not cause major problems.

Examples of advertising light boxes

Custom made dibond cassette. The black matt aluminum surface fits perfectly with the wall, and after dark, thanks to the installed dusk sensor, the coffer will automatically turn on the LED lighting mounted inside.

The cassette can be installed outside the building thanks to the use of waterproof diodes and an IP 65 class power supply.

Illuminated LED coffer milled from Tubond suitable for outdoor installation. At the customer's special request, the number of LEDs inside is three times greater than in standard implementations of this type.

Thanks to a high-power, waterproof power supply, the box illuminates neighboring buildings in the vicinity of several hundred meters.

The coffers in our workshop are assembled with due accuracy. Electrical connections are always soldered, and the power of the power supplies is meticulously matched to the number of LEDs and the customer's expectations.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the advertising industry and reliable work, our coffers can be found in Warsaw, Wrocław, Krakow as well as in several other Polish cities, as well as in Germany, Slovakia and Sweden.

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