Acrylic glass displays

Eleganckie i użyteczne ekspozytory reklamowe z plexi, które sprawią, że Państwa produkty będą należycie wyeksponowane.

Displays are the basic and universal form of advertising.

Thanks to our technological capabilities, acrylic glass stands can be adapted to all needs. The dimensions and parameters used mean that the stands can be used by advertising agencies, cosmetics producers, trade fair exhibitors and scenographers.

The use of acrylic glass with a hygienic certificate, which can be used in contact with food, means that the stands made by us can be used by food producers, bars, restaurants or tasting stands.

Our products are distinguished by precision of workmanship, accuracy of project mapping and the quality of materials used. To make acrylic glass stands, we can also attach other materials such as wood, hips, PVC or steel. We make displays made of colorless, colored in mass, matt or other acrylic glass, the use of which is required by the customer. Our acrylic glass displays can also be illuminated with LED diodes on request, decorated with additional engraved inscriptions or a printed logo according to the submitted design.

The most frequently made acrylic glass displays are:

  • leaflet stands,

  • business card holders,

  • conference dumbbells

  • price cards

  • T-shirts

  • poster posters,

  • pockets

  • springforms, platters

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Platforms and displays made by us

Advertising platform made of CNC milled plywood for individual customer orders.

The whole foil is covered with solvent printing. Logos made of acrylic glass, gold mirror cut with a laser and gold plotter foil.

A display wall following the current EKO trend. The entire structure is made of welded aluminum clad with oiled wood. Inside, there are event pots with green buildings. Logos made of gold acrylic mirror cut with a laser.

A display made for our client to demonstrate the water permeability of concrete slabs. Acrylic glas with a thickness of 10 mm, the use of a special acrylic glass glue and some of our skills made this display completely waterproof. The acrylic glass box is also illuminated with RGB LED diodes, which means that the water can also change color depending on the customer's needs.

Acrylic glass stand for displaying the vacuum cleaner. In the lower part, an LED strip illuminating milled letters and a laser-engraved company logo. In the back part, there is a UV print directly on the acrylic glass. Thanks to special handles, the vacuum cleaner can be removed from the stand without unscrewing it.

A small illuminated box made of navy blue acrylic glass for mounting on store shelves. Thanks to the combination of contrasting acrylic glass colors and strong LED diodes, the whole looks very elegant and attracts the eyes of potential customers

Acrylic glass stand for a laptop, shirts, tools, etc. The thick material from which the stand is made makes it possible to use the display for many applications.

The strength of our stand is about 10 kg.