Acrylic glass bending 

Professional services in the field of bending acrylic glass, PVC, hip and polycarbonate materials using the thermoplastic properties of the materials.

We offer professional bending of acrylic glass, PVC, HIPS and polycarbonate materials. They are workable due to their thermoplastic properties. We produce straight and bent elements (as a result of the thermoforming process) from acrylic glass. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Acrylic glass is a thermoplastic material, which means that it is susceptible to processing - incl. cutting, gluing and bending. This material allows for shaping the material and has an extremely wide range of applications - it is widely used, among others for creating roofs, in facade elements, machines and devices or advertising elements (e.g. leaflet stands). Acrylic glass bending is one of the most important tasks during the execution of the order and requires high precision.

Thermoplasticity and acrylic glass bending

One of the characteristic features of acrylic glass is thermoplasticity, thanks to which it is possible to obtain products that are used in various industries. Bending of acrylic glass, PVC, HIPS or polycarbonate is done by heating the material to the appropriate temperature and bending the plastic line to the desired angle.

Acrylic glass in the selected size

We cut with a laser, glue, bend and polish acrylic glass. Cutting and bending acrylic glass allows us to obtain acrylic glass in the selected size and adjust it to the customer's requirements. We are distinguished by professionalism, attention to detail and careful execution. Professional facilities and modern technologies enable maximum precision when bending acrylic glass - we also provide bending of large numbers of forms.

Professional acrylic glass bending

The material requires special thermal conditions and the use of modern technologies and techniques, which affects the speed and accuracy of acrylic glass bending. Contact us and we will discuss the details. We provide professional implementation and short deadlines - we will quote and execute the most personalized order.

We produce in this way, among others:

  • leaflet stands,

  • pockets,

  • folders treasury,

  • lecterns

  • machine housings

Our benders allow us to bend plastics up to 3050 mm long. We carry out wholesale bending as well as individual elements for individual customer needs.

When bent, the finished products are covered with a protective film, thanks to which we prevent accidental scratching of the material.