Large format CO2 laser

A large-format laser plotter with a working area of 2500x1500mm
allows you to process materials with a large surface.

The plotter, which we have as one of the few in Warsaw and its vicinity, has a working area with dimensions of 2500x1500 mm. 

Cutting acrylic glass with a laser gives you the greatest precision, speed of order fulfillment and the best price. The laser's working field, its high power and cutting speed allow us to fully use the material, minimizing the waste generated during the processing of the material, which translates into the final cost of your order.

Features of our CO2 laser

  • gate plotter - laser tube integrated with the carriage - no power drops

  • lamp power 120 W

  • working area 250 x 150cm

  • Polish software that supports CorelDraw, Illustrator and Cad

  • stepper motors and self-lubricating stainless steel linear bearings,

  • cutting acrylic glass up to 15 mm, petg, hips, plywood, cardboard.

  • engraving of acrylic glass, wood, stainless steel, etc.

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