Laser cutting of acrylic glass

Precise cutting of elements from acrylic glass using a large-size CNC laser plotter.

The development of technology means that we have access to modern methods of processing various materials - e.g. precise cutting of acrylic glass elements using a large-size CNC laser plotter.

Laser cutting of acrylic glass with a professional plotter

Due to its accuracy, the laser plotter is one of the key tools used by us to perform most acrylic glass cutting projects. It is a CNC machine - it supports CorelDraw, Ilustrator and Cad vector files. As one of the few companies offering acrylic glass cutting in Warsaw and the surrounding area, we have a plotter with a working area of 2500x1500 mm.

Laser cutting of acrylic glass and other materials

Cutting acrylic glass with a laser guarantees the highest precision, quick order fulfillment and the best price. The large-size laser enables cutting larger details with an accuracy of 0.2 mm. It can be used to engrave materials such as acrylic glass (pmma), plywood, leather, cardboard, stainless steel, dibond, etc.

Laser cutting allows for precise production of details in any shape and size, obtaining an aesthetic shiny edge. It is a perfect solution applicable wherever the highest accuracy and quality of the product is required.

Possibility to reduce the cost of laser cutting of acrylic glass
The laser's working field, its high power and cutting speed allow us to fully use the material, minimizing the waste generated during its processing, which allows you to reduce the final cost of your order.

Advantages of laser cutting acrylic glass

  • high cutting precision,

  • repeatability of cut details,

  • the best price-quality ratio,

  • the highest cutting speed,

  • no need for additional polishing,

  • possibility of cutting with foil or printing.

Disadvantages of laser cutting of acrylic glass

  • acrylic glass after laser cutting is not suitable for edge gluing,

  • it is necessary to wash with detergents without alcohol,

  • we cut acrylic glass up to 12 mm thick.