Coronavirus Covers

Safety rules in stores and various service points during the coronavirus epidemic require the protection of employees as well as customers or customers. They will work, among others acrylic glass covers that will separate the seller from the customers. We offer protective screens in various sizes.

Acrylic glass lecterns

Elegant, high-quality lecterns made taking into account the needs and preferences of the client

Dibond light boxes

Dibond coffers are advertisements in the form of a cassette, box, plafond illuminated from the inside with LED modules

Display cases, containers and acrylic glass treasures

Display cases made of acrylic glass, urns and treasury boxes made to order, in accordance with the customer's specification and expectations.

Acrylic glass letters

Acrylic glass letters cut with a laser are the fastest and cheapest way to label your company, reception, stand or photo plan today.

Acrylic glass displays

Elegant and useful advertising displays made of acrylic glass that will make your products properly displayed.

Leaflet stands

Stands for leaflets (leaflet holders) made of colorless acrylic glass are irreplaceable when displaying informational and advertising materials.

Pockets for folders

Pockets, leaflet dispensers are irreplaceable in various institutions, enterprises or public places - they enable the collection, storage and sharing of documents / brochures to third parties.