Display cases, containers and acrylic glass treasures

Display cases made of acrylic glass, urns and treasury boxes made to order, in accordance with the customer's specification and expectations.

We approach the wishes of our customers individually, offering products tailored in terms of size, shape, color and pattern. We make acrylic glass display cases with an emphasis on their durability, safety of use and aesthetics.

Display cases and boxes made of acrylic glass have a very wide range of applications - they can be used to present products, awards, exhibits and other items. Due to the fact that they are made of transparent material, urns ensure perfect presentation and aesthetics, protecting the objects inside.

Piggy banks made of colorless acrylic glass with the possibility of engraving or printing any content on them increase their functionality and provide personalization. Acrylic glass showcases offered by our company are made to ensure the highest level of security, which does not affect the use - the hinges and key lock ensure maximum functionality, stability and protection of the contents.