Acrylic glass lecterns

Elegant, high-quality lecterns made taking into account the needs and preferences of the client

Advantages of acrylic glass lecterns

Strength. Acrylic glass is a very popular transparent plastic, widely used in industry. Its basic ingredient is a polymer with great properties - it is characterized, among others, by high resistance to fading or yellowing and weather conditions, high transparency, flexibility and workability. It also has a wide range of applications - acrylic glass lecterns are durable, stable and solid, despite the fact that they do not seem clunky and massive, and the simple structure gives them lightness.

Lightness and mobility. Acrylic glass conference stands are also light and mobile, their transport or installation is neither laborious nor time-consuming. Thanks to a compact, solid structure, they do not require assembly, and if necessary, they can be transported by a passenger car.

Exposure of the speaker. They also perfectly display the speaker, which is a significant advantage over models made of wood-like materials. The acrylic glass lectern is transparent, thanks to which the speaker is visible all the time and it is easier for him to gain the attention of the audience.

Design. The subdued design of the acrylic glass lectern makes it suitable for any environment, regardless of the place and circumstances in which the event is organized.

Versatility. Our acrylic glass lecterns are a universal product that will successfully fulfill its role in all conditions. They can be additionally personalized depending on the event - for example, with a company logo, city coat of arms or other graphics.

Personalization. Thanks to our technological capabilities, the acrylic glass lectern can be made in a different color, optionally acrylic glass can be combined with other materials - such as wood, dibond or aluminum. At the client's request, we can make a multimedia product from the rostrum by placing a monitor for displaying graphics on its front. In the lecterns, we can also make appropriate openings for connecting cables, and in the tops, holes for the installation of microphones.

What distinguishes our acrylic glass lecterns from the competition?

Our acrylic glass lecterns are made of the highest quality material. The individual elements are joined with the use of specialized adhesives, and particularly sensitive connections are additionally reinforced with small screws. This allows you to strengthen the structure and ensure its appropriate flexibility. They are always shipped on a pallet, the rostrum is secured with a special sponge and a cardboard box.

Examples of lecterns made

Lectern made of 10 mm thick, lightweight PVC foam. Economical, mechanically strong with low weight - these are the main features of this pulpit. Perfect for events, speeches or performances in kindergartens and schools. It will be perfect for one-off events where it is to be used for several hours.

Outdoor lectern made at the individual request of the client. The whole is made of polycarbonate resistant to weather conditions. In addition, the rostrum was completely covered with frosted foil, and on its bent front we made a UV print - resistant to the sun and high and low temperatures.

Acrylic glass lectern with the coat of arms and the name of the commune, district and city. The print on the foil is additionally laminated to ensure a few years of unchanging color and print quality in all conditions. The front of the platform is covered with a decorative Avery frosted foil.

Multimedia lectern made of acrylic glass 10 mm thick. At the customer's individual request, a acrylic glass board was installed on special metal spacers, so that the coat of arms of the commune could be replaced quickly and without the use of any tools.

A gooseneck microphone has been installed in the upper part of the lectern. Thanks to the XLR connector, which is screwed to the top of our lectern, we can remove the microphone with one move for transport.

Front view - The wooden lectern, at the customer's request, has been equipped with an extension, which includes the restaurant's menu. We made a laser engraving on the front part, and the whole was secured with ecological varnish, which brought out its natural texture from the wood.

Side view - At the customer's request, the wooden lectern has been equipped with an extension, which includes the restaurant's menu.

We made a laser engraving on the front part, and the whole was secured with ecological varnish, which brought out its natural texture from the wood.