Engraving signs, logos or company slogans on laminates, leather, wooden or paper boxes.

Our offer includes engraving of permanent signs, logos or company slogans on various materials - incl. engraving in wood, acrylic glass or glass - on laminates, leather, boxes made of wood or paper. Thanks to the combination of laser cutting, acrylic glass gluing and its engraving, we can create individual trophies and diplomas for sports competitions, events or integration events.

Laser engraving 

For engraving acrylic glass, we use modern devices (e.g. laser, CNC milling machine) that precisely engrave various materials - incl. stainless steel, glass, acrylic glass, engraving laminate, anodized aluminum, leather and other materials.

Depending on the type of material and customer expectations, we select the engraving method and adjust the graphic files to the capabilities of our engraving devices. We can make, among others engraving name calendars for employees, thanks for customers on wooden boxes or a key ring with an engraving.

An engraved pen and pens are also popular. It is worth adding that laser engraving - incl. engraving on acrylic glass, wood or glass - it is indelible, so it is worth considering each project in advance.

Glass engraving

Our offer also includes professional glass engraving, e.g. wishes on a glass bottle. The carafe with engraving will serve as a personalized gift for valued employees. Decorating with the method of laser engraving increases the attractiveness of the object - we encourage you to contact us for details.