Protective covers/guards against the coronavirus COVID 19

Safety rules in stores and various service points during the coronavirus epidemic require the protection of employees as well as customers or customers. They will work, among others acrylic glass covers that will separate the seller from the customers. We offer protective screens in various sizes.

We approach each order individually and with the greatest care. Your satisfaction is the most important for us, therefore we provide professional service at every stage of the contract: from measurements and valuation to assembly at a convenient time

Acrylic glass antiviral covers for the customer service area

Acrylic glass covers are a practical and increasingly popular solution used in grocery stores, pharmacies, kiosks or various service and information points, which are to protect against droplet infections - such as COVID-19 coronavirus or flu. Standing acrylic glass covers are one of the best solutions on the market to support protection against viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Safeguards used in connection with the coronavirus can also protect you from other dangers, such as the flu.

Practical health and safety covers for counters

Special anti-virus shields placed on counters or desks are designed to guarantee the highest level of security for employees, customers and visitors. You should also remember about their regular disinfection, cleanliness control and the use of other methods that reduce the risk of infection. Protective helmets are also a good solution, as they protect more effectively than a mask.

Stickers and information tapes 

You can also stick special stickers and tapes on the floor with important information on the acrylic glass covers - we cooperate with a printing house that prepares for us stickers reminding us to keep a safe distance between people. Our offer includes standing acrylic glass covers, which are manufactured in accordance with the order, i.e. in any dimensions.