Plastic bending machine

Bending machines for thermoplastics offer a wide range of processing options for all thermoplastic materials, such as acrylic glass, PVC, pet, polycarbonate, hips and others.

Based on many years of experience of the Wichary company in the field of plastics processing, we decided to use the GT series solution with a maximum bending length of 300 cm.

All models of the GT series devices are characterized by high efficiency, and their unquestionable advantage is the additional upper gate with an additional heating bar that accelerates the bending of difficult materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic glass 15 mm thick.

Advanced control with the possibility of saving parameters in the device memory and careful workmanship ensure high precision and aesthetics of the details. The surface of the worktop, covered with tempered glass, ensures perfect separation of the heat-affected zone from the rest of the material surface.