KiMLA milling machine 

The KiMLA CNC milling machine allows you to cut (cut), mill and engrave virtually any material: acrylic glass, wood and metals.

The large-format CNC machining center BPF2131 is a high-performance device that has been designed as a platform for machines processing with the cutting method in at least 3 axes.

Thanks to the use of additional controlled axes, the machining center combines the functionality of a milling machine, lathe, drilling machine, threading machine, cutting, creasing, pouring device, etc.

The Kimla CNC milling machine was created on the basis of industrial plotters, thanks to which it inherits all their advantages, including: a gate structure with a double-sided drive, servo drives and electronic gate angle compensation. In order to meet the requirements of heavier machining of some materials, a 12 kW spindle with an automatic tool change with a linear magazine was installed in the machining centers.

The large-format machining center is equipped with a vacuum raster table with a vacuum pump from the German company Becker with a capacity of 250 m3 / h. This type of table makes it possible to securely fix both sheet material and irregularly shaped elements using standard vacuum blocks.

Our milling machine is also equipped with an oscillating knife and a creasing attachment.

Main materials that we can mill

  • wood, hpl, mdf, furniture boards

  • aluminum, copper, brass

  • acrylic glass, PVC, polycarbonate

  • foams, sponges, foamed materials

  • laminates,

  • dibond

  • cardboard, paper

  • fabrics, leathers, leather-like