CNC milling 

Milling, deepen, drilling and cutting in all available materials with the use of a precise numerical milling machine.

We mill, deepen, drill and cut with a milling cutter any shape in all materials available in wholesalers. Thanks to the replaceable cutters in the automatic magazine and the vacuum table grip, it is possible to process a very wide range of materials - we can mill wood, furniture boards, mdf, HDF, plywood, acrylic glass, PVC, solid polycarbonate, dibond, tubond, etc. For milling, we use a numerical machine of the Polish brand Kimla with a working area of 2100x3100mm, thanks to which CNC milling is precise and meets your high requirements. All sliding elements have been eliminated in our milling machine in favor of a linear rolling bearing. The servo drives and their transmission are realized by means of precise, ground ball screws devoid of any backlash, which ensures a cutting resolution of some materials up to 0.001mm.

In addition to the milling spindle, our machine tool is also equipped with an oscillating knife, which allows cutting various types of materials with low density. We can cut corrugated cardboard, rubber, leather, textiles, foil and polyurethane foams.

We perform CNC cutting and milling on both our material and the entrusted one.

Advantages of cutting acrylic glass with a milling machine:

  • high cutting precision

  • higher chemical resistance of acrylic glass after cutting

  • perpendicularity of the edge after milling

  • the possibility of gluing acrylic glass with a processed edge

  • matte finish of the milled surface

  • no material thickness limitation


  • sharp acrylic glass edge

  • the need for additional acrylic glass polishing