Vector or raster graphics - announcements and characteristics

Computer graphics is now the basic tool for preparing visual content on widely used in creating visualizations, website designing, building a brand image or the execution of orders in the area of ​​printing. Basically, depending on how they are represented data, is divided into vector and raster graphics.

Vector graphics

Also called object-oriented, due to the fact that objects - geometric figures are used to describe it. Contrary to rasters, vector files do not take up much disk space, which is why they are perfect for preparing large-format projects (e.g. large banners, billboards) with less detail (e.g. without shading). They can be rasterized without major problems, i.e. converted to raster files. Vector graphics are used, among others in printing, because it allows for any manipulation of the image without any loss of quality. No matter how much the image is enlarged, the edges of the individual objects included in the project will always be smooth, clear and proportionate. It is thanks to the tools for processing vector graphics that leaflets, business cards, advertising billboards, logos and Flash animations are prepared. The most commonly used extensions are .ai, .cdr, .ccx, .cdt, .cmx, .eps, .svg, .swf, and also .pdf, provided that the file is saved as

Raster graphics

A characteristic feature of raster (bitmap) graphics is their exceptional detail and the possibility of realistic rendering of shadows and colors (RGB or CMYK format), because the files are made of pixels arranged regularly on a grid. The advantage of raster files is the fact that they can be freely retouched and mounted, which is why they are perfect for photos, in some flyer and document projects, as well as for creating websites. In the case of raster graphics, large file sizes can be problematic, as well as scaling to larger sizes - excessive magnification makes the pixels visible, and the edges of objects become uneven and indistinct. The most commonly used extensions are .bmp, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .pdf, .cdr, .ccx, .cdt, .cmx, .ico, .tga, .tif, and also .tiff.


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